summer trend: the dungaree

last time, i told you about the midi-skirt, one of the upcoming trends for this summer. another must-have for this summer season is the dungaree. i love it as it is so casual and comfortable, my kind of style!

however, you want to avoid to look like a factory worker wearing it. it’s extremely important to style it in the right way. you want some ideas?

the most important hint: wear it with a slim t-shirt or shirt. avoid large fabrics which will create thickening.

add some feminine accents like high heels or prominent accessories.


or, you could wear it with just 1 suspender

just pick your style!

where to buy?

selected femme




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summer must-have: the midi skirt

allright, winter is not over yet, but it’s always nice to look ahead and dream of upcoming summer outfits. last year you already could observe it here and there, but this summer the midi skirt is definitely one of the must-haves in your wardrobe!

the midi skirt is a mid-calf length skirt, which reaches to your calf bone. you can wear it with sneakers or with heels to dress up. personally i prefer the midi-skirt in a-line. hereby you’ll find some inspirations on how to wear it and where to buy it. enjoy!

where to buy?





&other stories

&other stories

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mix and match: white shirt

vorige week gebruikte ik ‘white trousers’ als een basisstuk om 2 outfits te creëren. voor deze week vertrek ik vanuit een andere absolute(!) must-have in je garderobe: de ‘white shirt’ oftewel witte bloes. je kan er werkelijk alle kanten mee uit: gekleed of casual, het is maar hoe je het combineert. laat je inspireren!

deze week: ‘kantoor’ vs ‘zomerdrink met vrienden’

last week i showed you how to combine ‘white trousers’ and to create 2 different outfits. this week the white shirt is the basic item to start with. a white shirt is an indisputable(!) must-have in your wardrobe. you can really wear it in a lot of outfits: formal or casual, depending on how you combine it. get inspired!

this week: ‘office’ vs ‘summer drinks with friends’


DSCN3243DSCN3247 DSCN3245

*summerdrinks with friends

DSCN3256DSCN3259DSCN3253office outfit: white shirt: h&m men (similar here); trousers: zara (similar essentiel); jacket: topshop (similar here); belt: essentiel; bag: clio goldbrenner; shoes: kennel & schmenger

summerdrinks with friends: h&m men (similar here); jeans: levi’s; clutch: ugg (found on designer-vintage); shoes: sergio rossi (vintage).

mix and match: white trousers

de lente is eindelijk in het land en we kunnen opnieuw frisse kleuren aantrekken zoals een witte klassieke broek die een must-have is in jouw garderobe! volgens de combinatie van bovenstukken en accessoires, creëer je een volledig andere outfit voor een andere gelegenheid.

deze week: office vs lunch met vriendinnen

finally, spring has arrived! this means we can wear bright colors again and one of the must-haves in your wardrobe should be the white trousers. combine them with different tops and accessories to create different outfits for various occasions. 

this week: office vs lunch with friends


DSCN3179 DSCN3181 DSCN3180

*lunch with friends

DSCN3182 DSCN3184 DSCN3183

office outfit: white trousers: filippak; top: essentiel; necklace: massimo dutti; jacket: enes; shoes: cristian daniel; bag: cos.

lunch outfit: white trousers: filippak; top: zara; necklace: h&m; belt: h&m; shoes: essentiel; clutch: delvaux vintage (found @ jutka&riska).