trend alert: over the knee boots. 5 tips on how to wear them.

over the knee boots definitely are the new trend for this winter. but how do you wear them? here are 5 tips on wearing them:

  1. if you wear over them with tights in the same color of your boots, you will lengthen your legs.
  2. automatically this means that if you wear them with pants or tights in a different color or bare legs, you will shorten them and ultimately you’ll look smaller.
  3. make sure the boots don’t end at the thickest part of your leg. that way, you’ll look thicker and i’m not sure that is what you’ll want 🙂
  4. don’t limit your boots just to one kind of outfit. wear them in a casual way and in a more formal way as well.
  5. don’t blindly follow this trend just because it’s hot in fashion. if you’re not comfortable with them, just wear the boots YOU like. don’t forget what coco chanel used to say: ‘fashion changes, style endures’! and style is what makes you fashionable!

find hereunder some inspirational outfits on the way i would wear them!

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