ringana: my daily natural beauty routine

what is your daily beauty ritual? well, i must admit that i’m not the kind of person that spents a lot of time in the bathroom. the faster i can be ready, the more i love (this means that i gain some time to stay longer in bed 🙂 )!

however, having crossed the age limit of 45 years, i notice that my skin needs more caretaking. a friend of mine recently became a partner of ringana, a brand of pure natural cosmetic products. i was quite interested as i tend to give more attention to healthy products since a few years now (that’s what happens when you become older). she convinced me to order a trial kit to try out.

but first i had to fill in the skin-test on the ringana website in order to determine what kind of skin i have and which products i exactly need. i ended up with skin type 2 and that is what i ordered.


i must confess that i was not really looking forward to use 4 products in a row (cleansing milk, toner, hydroserum and cream concentrate) before going to bed, especially because i never had that discipline for a daily beauty and cleansing ritual. why should i change?

and i have to be honest: these products give such a fresh and cool sensation that by the end of the day i even watch for this daily routine of cleansing my skin!


and here comes the good news! the first 3 persons ordering a hydroserum with the cream concentrate can benefit from 10% reduction. this is a limited offer on ‘a first come, first served’ base, so be quick!

what to do to benefit from the 10% reduction? just simply send an email to myriam.saenen@yahoo.com with the code ‘lb ringana’.

good luck!


pics: laurence boxus