about lb


“laurence once was the right hand of a notorious CEO. but don’t let this fool you. all those years in on the management floor were just a cover. she kept a close eye on her consultant colleagues and players in the field. on their wardrobe to be specific. she decided to call it a day and is now an image consultant. she asked me to create a complete corporate identity. next to being a fulltime athlete she’s also a style icon. she just doesn’t realize it. kudoz!” – guerilagirls.be


als professionele imago- en stijlconsulente, laat ik je op deze blog kennis maken met mijn passie voor al wat ik stijlvol vind op gebied van fashion en lifestyle. met speciale aandacht voor authenticiteit, deel ik graag nieuwe trends, stijltips, shopadresjes, DIY-projecten … met al wie graag goed gekleed gaat, zowel professioneel als tijdens zijn/haar vrije tijd!

heb je zelf een stijlvraag of -tip, laat het me zeker weten via deze link! wil je meer weten over mijn activiteiten, dan vind je alle info op www.laurenceboxus.be.

as a professional image consultant and stylist, i like to share my expertise and passion for stylish and especially authentic stuff in fashion and lifestyle with people who love to be well dressed, professionally but also during free time. on my blog you’ll read about the latest trends, styling tips, shopping addresses, DIY-projects and so much more. 

do you have a question or styling tip? don’t hesitate to share it with me through this link. you want to know more about my activities? you’ll find all information on www.laurenceboxus.be

enjoy reading!


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